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Online access to course materials is standard at Charis Bible College.

Our Online Learning Management system (LMS) allows our students to do the following:

  1. Watch video lectures online
  2.  Download lecture audio files for personal storage (mp3)
  3. Download module notes in PDF format
  4. Write tests and get results after completing each module

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FIRST YEAR — Foundational Teaching and Ministry Program

Before the practical aspects of ministry can be explored, it’s very important that each student has a firm foundation in the Word of God. This includes: the understanding of God’s unconditional love, the balance between grace and faith, relationship with God, godly character, the basics of righteousness, the Holy Spirit, prosperity, Bible covenants, keys to personal growth, life vision, and much more. Upon completion of this course, one is awarded a certificate, which sets an entry level to second year.

SECOND YEAR — Advanced Instruction & Practical Training Program

In the second year, the emphasis moves to practical ministry. In small interaction groups, students learn to do the work of the ministry. They conduct weddings, funerals, and baby dedications. They learn to prepare and deliver messages, plan and promote conferences, run children’s church, and more.
Second-year students are also required to take one foreign missions trip. Although they do not pay for the trip directly, it becomes a practical training opportunity for them to raise money for ministry projects. Students remember these trips as life-changing events and the highlight of their college experience.
Important elective classes are also available to second-year students. Examples include: counselling and life guidelines, family, church planting, church history, church government, and others. Upon completion of this course, one is awarded a diploma in school of ministry.

THIRD YEAR – Post Graduate Leadership Program

In the 3rd year, the candidates will continue to be chiselled by solid word-based teachings. This final year focuses on continuing to expose the candidates to the true Gospel, but now candidates are also taught powerful business principals. Some of the modules covered include:
1. Building a successful business
2. Marketing the lifeblood of your business
3. Leadership
4. Leadership development
5. Missions
6. Effective Counselling
7. The purpose of marriage / Spiritual foundation
8. The heart of a pastor
9. How to teach
10. Money mastery
11. Sound doctrine
In addition to the above and other modules, there is a reading list that must be completed, as well as several practical implementation sessions. Business modules make up 40% of the course content of the leadership program. The reason is that so many ministers powerfully equipped with the word of God are compromised in their effectiveness due to poor financial health, caused by a total lack of understanding when it comes to business and wealth creation principals.