Charis Bible College Zimbabwe

Distance Learning Course - Charis Bible College Zimbabwe


This is a course specially designed for those who cannot make it for in-class lessons.

In the correspondence course the student is given modules, each comprises of about 8 DVD lessons and a set of guidance notes.
The student can watch the lessons moving along with the instructor using the guidance notes.
After carefully listening to all the teachings, the student is required to take a test at the back of the notes booklet and send it back to the College for grading, upon which they will then take on the next module.

There are 40 modules for full completion of first year and two modules cost USD35.00 for a pair.

This course is only available for first year only.

2. HYBRID COURSE (Block release type of study)

For the Hybrid program where you watch DVDs home and are required to come on campus on 2 Saturdays a month fees at USD70.00 per month meeting one every two weeks to discus and collect 2 modules on flash drives with accompanying notes, and there are 40 modules in 1st year. For this option you can plan to enroll for our next intake in January 2020.

Students are welcome to register and get their modules from Saturday 16 January 2021 for the 2019 intake. Upon registration you will get 2 weeks to study your first 2 modules and be required to attend the first discussion meeting accompanied with some live teachings on Saturday 30 January 2021 from 9am to 4pm, at which they will get the next 2 modules which will be due for discussions on 13 February 2021, same time.

For those who register, a preliminary Open Day is scheduled on 16 January from 9am – 11am.