Charis Bible College Zimbabwe

Second Year Course - Charis Bible College Zimbabwe


This is a sample of the courses offered including most, but not all of the 24 required courses.

Courses are subject to change without notice

Course Title: The Making of a Minister I & II

Instructor: Andrew Wommack       

Class Hours: 20

Attend Bible College, complete the required courses, receive your ministerial license and ordination papers, and then you are a minister, right? Wrong! God’s ways are not man’s ways. This course will help you understand the difference between man’s and God’s qualifications for ministers. By the end of this course you will either be determined to prepare your heart or stay as far away from ministry as possible.

Course Title: How to Get Along with People

Instructor: Andrew Wommack       

Class Hours: 10

Someone once said, “If it weren’t for people, the ministry would be great.” However, the ministry is all about people, so it’s critically important to learn how to develop relationships and develop them with the right people. When conflict does arise—and it will—it’s also crucial to know how to resolve that conflict according to the Word of God. God’s solution works, but you have to know it to put it into practice.

Course Title: New Testament Survey I & II

Instructor: Wendell Parr                  

Class Hours: 20

This is an overview of the New Testament that notes its place in God’s revelation to man. In this class, students will study the author, historical setting, purpose, and theme of each book; special attention is given to some of the key passages.

Course Title: Laws of the Kingdom

Instructor: Barry Bennett                

Class Hours: 10

A study of the spiritual laws that govern creation and how we can cooperate with those laws in order to enjoy victorious Christian living.

Course Title: Answers to Important Questions I & II

Instructor: Barry Bennett                                                     Class Hours: 20

A course designed to answer the most prevalent questions that many Christians have concerning the Bible and the ways of God in the world. Questions to be answered will include those dealing with suffering and tragedies, the Trinity, Job, Paul’s thorn, Ananias and Sapphira, Sabbath keeping and many others.

Course Title: Lessons from Nehemiah

Instructor: Lawson Perdue                                                   Class Hours: 10

Keys of effective leadership that enabled Nehemiah to motivate God’s people to accomplish an amazing task in record time.

Course Title: Acts: Power for Supernatural Living

Instructor: Barry Bennett                

Class Hours: 10

A study of the early church and the keys to its power. Emphasis will be placed on the message of the early church, the purpose of the Holy Spirit, the power of the Name, the importance of the Word, the power of prayer, and the mission and growth of the church.

Course Title: Seven Messages to Seven Churches

Instructor: Delron Shirley

Class Hours: 10

This study is based on the seven letters to churches in Asia Minor which are found in chapters two and three of the book of Revelation. Each letter ends with the directive, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.” This course explores the topics addressed in each of the letters and applies them to our lives in present-day life.

Course Title: Faith in a Supernatural Power of God I & II

Instructor: Dan Funkhouser

Class Hours: 20

This subject deals with recognizing the ability of God through our lives in ministry. Learning how to appropriate the supernatural ability of God in our lives, it deals with the supernatural powers that be, including: 1) Angelic, 2) Demonic Spirits, 3) The overcoming victorious powers of our Lord.


Second Year Missions Trip
In part fulfilment of their degree completion requirements, all 2nd year students are required to go on a 10-day international missions’ trip. Students will select their destinations from a pool of options and travel with a team leader. The primary purpose of the trip is to give the students an opportunity to manifest that which they will have become over the past two years. Many miracles, signs and wonders are seen on the missions’ field.

Other Courses in Second Year

Principles of Godly Leadership                   Andrew, Greg, Gary

Public Speaking (IAG)                                   Andrew, Greg, Ashley

Prayer Minister Training                               Daniel, Carlie

Life of Christ                                                  Greg Mohr

Living in Balance                                          Greg Mohr

Establishing a Prosperous Soul                 Greg Mohr

Heart Matters                                                Daniel Amstutz

Lifestyle of Worship                                     Daniel Amstutz

Pioneering Ministries                                   Dan Funkhouser

Biblical Leadership                                        Dean Hawk

Spirit Led Life & Ministry                              Dean Hawk

Foundational Truth for Godly Ministry       Arthur Meintjes