Charis Bible College Zimbabwe

Third Year Post Graduate Certificate - Charis Bible College Zimbabwe

School of Leadership 3rd Year Courses

This is a sample of the courses offered.

Courses are subject to change without notice as we are continuously upgrading our curricula.

Course Title: Advice from an old minister to a young minister

Instructor: Andrew Wommack

Course Hours: 8

It is Said that the best and quickest way to learn and avoid mistakes is to listen to the wisdom of others who have gone before you. In this module Andrew Wommack pours out the deep wisdom he has gained in over 50 years of ministry in 8 powerful lessons.

Course Title: Sound Doctrine

Instructor: Barry Bennet

Course Hours: 8

In this module, Barry Bennet tackles the issue of doctrine head-on. He differentiates between false doctrine and bad doctrine. He goes deeper and explores the causes of false doctrine and bad doctrine. He gives the 3rd year class a refresher course on the foundations of sound doctrine and exhorts the class to go deeper with the word of God.


Course Title: Business Model Generation Canvas

Instructor: Billy Epperhart

Course Hours: 8

This is one of the business modules. It focuses on innovation in the context of how products and services can be manufactured and delivered more efficiently. The business model canvas had revolutionized how businesses create and capture value all over the world.

Course Title: Leadership

Instructor: Barry Bennet

Course Hours: 8

In this module the candidates are taught advanced leadership principles from a biblical perspective. It becomes apparent that all the principles taught in business schools are rooted in biblical truths.

Course Title: Building a successful business

Instructor: Paul Milligan

Course Hours: 8

In this module the candidates are taught, in layman’s language how to build a successful business from the ground up. Again, the focus of the business modules is to empower the candidates with revenue generating knowledge.

Course Title: Effective counselling

Instructor: Greg Mohr

Course Hours: 8

After this course it will become apparent to the candidates that counselling is going to be a large part of their responsibilities as they shepherd the flock of God. It is identified as a skill that a minister of the kingdom cannot do without.

These are just a small sample of the powerful modules that make up the 3rd year post graduate certificate course.